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Who is the oldest person alive in 2023? Scientists ‘find maximum age of life’

Who is the oldest person alive in 2023? Scientists ‘find maximum age of life’

Scientists have put a ceiling on human lifespan at 115 years, but don’t tell that to one supercentenarian who has reached one year beyond this cut-off.

Research conducted in The Netherlands found that the maximum life for a woman is 115.7 years and 114.1 years for a man and the data was gathered from 75,000 who have died in the past 30 years.

Life beyond 100 is rare enough but only one in 1,000 to have reached the century makes it to 110.

Professor John Einmahl told Medical Express: "On average, people live longer, but the very oldest among us have not gotten older over the past 30 years.

“There is certainly some kind of a wall here. Of course, the average life expectancy has increased. Nevertheless, the maximum ceiling hasn't changed."

Jeanne Louise Calment has the record for longest life but died in 1997. However, some people who are alive in 2023 exceed the glass ceiling set out by the Dutch scientists.

Who is the oldest person alive?

US-born Spaniard Maria Branyas is 116-years-old and took the title of oldest person in the world earlier in 2023 after the death of Sister Andre at 118.

In 2020, Ms Branyas became the oldest person to be diagnosed with and then recover from the Covid-19 virus.

She has been a widow since 1976 and had three children but one died at the age of 86. She played piano until the age of 108 but now lives in a California nursing home and communicates via a typing platform due to her hearing.

She has attributed her long life to staying away from “toxic people”.

Jeanne Louise Calment (the oldest person ever recorded) attributed her long life to olive oil, port and chocolate, but she was also a cigarette smoker. She died aged 122 in 1997.