Old master still gets kick out of life

Ron Shears in action. Picture: Nic Ellis/The West Australian

He throws jumping back kicks as if he is an action movie star, uses moves you see only in mixed martial arts fights and holds a fourth dan black belt in taekwondo - and he was born in 1935.

Meet Ron Shears, the 78-year-old martial arts practitioner from Joondalup who's showing no signs of slowing.

Mr Shears began taekwondo at 57, decades after he trained in judo in Britain. Now, the senior sensei has axe kicks that would make most young men's hamstrings quiver in fear.

"The only reason I started was because my asthma had got to the point where I couldn't even walk upstairs," Mr Shears said. "The asthma's virtually gone."

His hobby became a passion that he shares each week as a teacher at Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy in Clarkson.

Academy owner and former Australian taekwondo representative Zak Jovanov said Mr Shears had no fear.

"What he can do, I hope to God I can do at 55," he said.

Mr Shears could be forgiven for dropping martial arts and focusing on his other passion - writing.

"Not until I fall off the perch," he said. "I'm too busy, I haven't got the time."

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