Old dog who misses his dad learns to cuddle dummy

A dog owner whose pooch has separation anxiety has introduced a dummy to keep the little canine happy. 

Marc Peralta’s dog Shorty “barks and cries and just cannot calm down” whenever he’s away, Vintage Pet Rescue wrote on Facebook last week. 

Mr Peralta works for the shelter in the US state of Massachusetts and according to The Dodo’s news website has had Shorty for 11 years.

Unfortunately, Shorty’s old age means the pug can’t move around as well as he used to and needs to spend more time around the house. He also doesn’t take his owner leaving very well.

A dog with separation anxiety is learning to embrace a dummy, which looks like his owner. Source: Vintage Pet Rescue

Mr Peralta’s wife Kristen told The Dodo the dog won’t settle down even if he’s held by someone else. 

“He just wants his dad,” Mrs Peralta told the publication.

She tried to calm the pooch by creating a figure of his likeness out of pillows and dressing the pile in his clothes but the dog saw right through it. 

Mrs Peralta then decided to buy a life size dummy from a Halloween store and dress it in her husband’s clothes.

The dummy has a shirt, baseball cap and even fake sleeve tattoos for Mr Peralta’s likeness.

Marc Peralta’s wife Kristen has reassured him he hasn’t been replaced by the dummy. Pictured: More dogs sitting with the dummy. Source: Vintage Pet Rescue

The shelter included photos of the dog lying in the dummy’s arms.

“Shorty has been calm for the last hour,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

“Marc is a little upset that he is so easily replaced but I told him not to worry. The dummy is not nearly as handsome or as smart as he is.” 

Shorty ended up sleeping through the night cuddling the dummy. Many Facebook users loved the idea with one calling it “genius”.

“I want to make one of myself for my puppies,” one woman wrote.

Another dog embraces the dummy. Source: Vintage Pet Rescue

Another called it “the sweetest thing ever”.

“This the most brilliant solution for pet anxiety I have ever seen,” another woman wrote.

“I knew to leave my robe and nightgown for my terrier but never thought to get a dummy.  

“I mean you have solved the issue with one smart purchase and I could have saved some money hiring a behaviourist”.

“I want to make one of myself for my puppies,” one woman wrote about the dummy.

It appears more dogs are now enjoying the dummy’s company after the shelter pictured three dogs cuddling up with it on Thursday.

In other dog-related news, a loyal pooch guarded the remains of a home in Northern California following wildfires in December.

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The loyal pooch was eventually reunited with his owner.

A Siberian Husky also amazingly managed to sniff out her owner’s ovarian cancer last year.

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