Parents shocked over kids football team's 'absurd' raffle prize

A kids football team’s fundraiser has raised concerns because two of the winning prizes are firearms.

Sari Brittain, from Ohio, told Local 12 she received a flyer from the Junior Lions football team titled: NRJLF Cheer Gun Raffle Fundraiser.

Her daughter, 4, is old enough to join the cheer squad and sell the tickets, but Ms Brittain said she was going to opt out and go with the team’s other option, a gift basket.

The prizes are an AM15 Optic Ready M4 and a Glock 9mm.

Heather Chilton is worried about her daughter, 7, selling raffle tickets for guns. Source: Fox 19 Now

“We live in a world where you don’t know if Bob down the street is okay with guns,” Ms Brittain said.

“So why would I take my four-year-old daughter down the street to meet Bob who's not okay with it? And now he knows my face and my daughter's face.”

Heather Chilton, whose seven-year-old daughter Nevea is a member of the cheer squad, told Fox 19 Now she thought the raffle was “absurd”.

The raffle tickets kids are being asked to sell. Source: Local 12

“I highly doubt that something would happen with the gun, but say it did. Say one of the kids in the high school got a hold of it — got the AR15 or AM15 and shot up a school with it, and I’m the one that sold the raffle ticket to his dad?” she told the station.

Club president Robert Wooten said kids and parents were not required to sell tickets for the guns if they did not wish to.

He added anyone who received the guns would have to undergo a background check with the FBI.

The school district said it had no affiliation with the raffle.

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