Officers tried to save slain cop: witness

Sarah Motherwell

A mother of four says she was terrified as she watched officers trying to save the life of Senior Constable Brett Forte outside her front door.

Lisa Hayden was home by herself on Monday afternoon when she heard three "shotgun" gunshots nearby.

Ms Hayden said police appeared outside her Forestry Rd house and told her to stay indoors as they treated a person on the kerb.

She used her phone to film officers frantically trying to save Sen Const Forte, who had been shot by Rick Maddison during an attempted vehicle stop further up the street.

That phone was later seized by police.

"I didn't think it was an officer," Ms Hayden said on Tuesday.

"First in my mind, I thought it was a drug raid."

Ms Hayden said officers and paramedics worked on Sen Const Forte for some time before he was taken away in an ambulance.

She then spent the next day trapped inside her house as police set up an extensive exclusion zone around the neighbouring Waller St property where Maddison was hiding.

"Just watching it was terrifying," she said.

Ms Hayden said the police officer who interviewed her after the incident ended was a close friend of Sen Cont Forte who had had lunch with him just two hours before he died.

Maddison was shot dead by officers about 11am on Tuesday after he fired on police.