Officer goes beyond call of duty to help woman stranded on motorway

A kind hearted police officer has gone out of his way to help a woman who was stranded on an Indianapolis motorway without fuel.

Kyleigh Ingalls ran out of fuel and became stranded in the middle of a busy motorway in the mid west US when the police officer stopped by.

“To the officer who saved me today, as I sat in the middle of 465 [motorway], stranded with no gas, thank you,” Ms Ingalls posted on Facebook on Tuesday.

“Thanks for being late to dinner with your wife to push my car to the side of the road, take me to the gas station, and bring me back.

Officer Michael Mack helped a driver who ran out of fuel in Indiana, mid west US. Source: Facebook/Kyleigh Joanne

“Thanks to all the officers out there risking your lives each and every day!

“Y’all don’t get nearly the credit you deserve.”

Police officer Michael Mack has been with the Indiana Metropolitan Police Department for 34 years, according to local outlet RTV6 Indianapolis.

The Facebook post has received over 7,000 reactions at the time of publication and delighted social media users.

Kyleigh Ingalls (pictured) thanked the police officer in a now viral Facebook post. Source: Facebook/Kyleigh Joanne

“What a beautiful soul he is!” one Facebook user wrote.

“You rock, Officer Mack!” another Facebook user said.

“Above and beyond! Good job officer!” one Facebook user commented.