Odour has EPA sniffing at Vic landfill

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A landfill emitting an offensive odour for months is being investigated by Victoria's environmental watchdog.

The Environment Protection Authority has launched a probe into the Stevensons Brothers Industries landfill site in Cranbourne after receiving more than 1000 complaints for the smell permeating the neighbourhood since March.

The company has denied any wrongdoing.

Residents liken the pong to rotten eggs, and say it's making them ill and impacting their quality of life.

The City of Casey said it is "advocating on behalf of our residents to ensure the issue is addressed immediately".

The smell is understood to be hydrogen sulphide, exposure to which the EPA has confirmed can cause "short-term" health issues including coughing, headaches and nausea.

The authority's director of waste crime prevention, Rachel Gualano, said Stevensons Brothers Industries has been put on notice.

"We've issued a regulatory notice and improvement notice to SBI landfill to make some improvements to address the odour," she said.

The deadline for compliance is August 24.

SBI's landfill is allowed to accept solid inert material used to make houses and furniture such as wood, particle board, carpets and foam.

Managing director Paul Williamson said the company accepts only construction and demolition waste, and commercial and industrial waste.

"SBI apologise for the impacts odour from the landfill is having on people in Cranbourne. We are doing everything we can to rectify the issue as quickly as possible," he said.

Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio's office said the smell does not pose any long-term health risks.

"EPA scientists have confirmed that there is no long-term risk to the community's health and is continuing to keep local residents informed as they supervise implementation of solutions by SBI Landfill," a spokesperson said.

Opposition environment spokesman James Newbury said the Victorian government "sat on its hands" as a growing number of Cranbourne residents became ill.

"Enough is enough," he said.

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