Alleged 88yo brothel shooter 'out for revenge after falling in love'

An 88-year-old Melbourne man has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly opening fire on a brothel worker with a shotgun, out for revenge after falling in love with a sex worker.

Domenic Natale visited Brunswick brothel Romantics twice a week, for more than three years, while his wife was alive, a Melbourne court heard on Tuesday.

Domenic Natale, an 88-year-old Melbourne man was ordered to stand trial for allegedly opening fire on a brothel worker with a shotgun. Source: 7 News

He soon became infatuated with a 39-year-old sex worker and would wait for the woman at her tram stop and try to walk her to work.

His elderly ego became crushed when, after years of service and home visits, she took time off and didn’t let him know.

Police on the scene of the shooting at the Brunswick brothel Romantics. Source: 7 News

When the woman finally returned to work, Natale booked in. They argued and he allegedly tried to strangle her.

He later texted her saying: “You dead. You dead. You are very false person after I feed you for 3 1/2 years. You reckon you are smart. You’re not. You are stupid.”

But the next day he had a change of heart and tried to book in, texting: “If you’ll accept me tomorrow morning. Sorry your mistake. I mistake. Thank you.”

The text message Domenic Natale sent the sex worker after she took leave without telling him. Source: 7 News

Natale allegedly later turned up at Romantics with a double barrel shot gun and fired at the woman and the brothel.

Police said he then led them on a chase down the Calder Highway where he shot himself in the stomach, and was then arrested.

He was hospitalised after leading police on a chase down the Calder Highway, where he shot himself in the stomach. Source: 7 News

The Melbourne Magistrates’ Court was played security footage, on which 7 News observed Natale clearly shooting at the woman.

Although Magistrate Carolyn Burnside initially approved its release to the media, she later changed her mind saying it could be distressing for the public.

Natale has been charged with attempted murder and remains free on bail.