Occupied Crimea airfield hit; ATACMS implications explored by military expert

Military airfield in occupied Crimea attacked
Military airfield in occupied Crimea attacked

Explosions in occupied Dzhankoy, where a Russian air base is located, commented by Oleh Katkov, editor-in-chief of Defense Express on Radio NV on April 17.

Latest satellite images from March 13 show that not only K-52 and Mi-28 helicopters were based at this airfield, but also attack aircrafts such as Su-25s.

“If ballistic missiles with cluster warheads were used, then because absolutely all aircraft – both helicopters and airplanes – are located on open grounds at the Dzhankoy air base, it is possible to damage or destroy them there,” Katkov noted.

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“Again, there is positive experience with the use of ATACMS (missiles), they proven their effectiveness. Also, if we talk about secondary detonation, we are talking about hitting place where the ammunition was stored, which is also more than possible.”

He added that there are a lot of questions about weapons used to conduct the attack:

“There are already reports that it was a combined strike with Storm Shadow and ATACMS,” he said.

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“Moreover, ATACMS was last used quite a while ago and to a very limited extent. Probably, talks about transfer of just a few missiles were true, given the reality we see. So there are questions about weapon type they used and what the result will be.”

Katkov pointed out that satellite images will put everything in its place, because “you can’t hide such things.”

Explosions and a fire broke out in the temporarily occupied Dzhankoy in Crimea, where Russian air base is located on April 17.

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Local residents reported that explosions and fire occurred in area of local military airfield.

According to media reports, 39th Helicopter Regiment of 27th Mixed Aviation Division of 4th Air Force and Air Defense Command of Southern Military District of Russian Army, three aviation squadrons are stationed at Dzhankoy airfield.

Telegram channels, citing local residents, wrote that there had been an ammunition detonation at the airfield in Dzhankoy.

It was also reported that there were dead and wounded.

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