Oblivious mum stops to take selfie with pram in treacherous spot

This is the moment a mother with a pram stopped to take selfies as five-metre high waves crashed over a nearby seawall during a massive storm.

The mum was caught on camera during the height of Storm Bronagh in the English seaside town of New Haven as winds of up to 65km/h were recorded.

The woman was out for a morning run last Friday when she was seen stopping with her pram facing the giant waves while she snapped a few selfies.

It is not known if there was a child in the pushchair at the time.

A “danger to life” warning was issued in parts of the UK last week as Storm Bronagh wreaked havoc across the country.

The waves towered over the woman and the pram. Source: SWNS/MEGA

“The lady was running along the edge of the sea as she pushed the pram along with her and stopped and pulled her phone out,” the photographer, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

“She took a few selfies in a few different positions while the pram was left sitting there.”

“It is impossible to tell for sure if there really was a baby in the pram at the time but you can assume there was if she was running with it.”

The photographer suggested the woman’s behaviour was reckless, especially given how the unpredictable the wild weather had been.

“Luckily the wind was blowing towards the sea so there wasn’t a huge amount of danger, but the point is that it was in the middle of a storm and weather can change really quickly,” she said.

The photographer says the jogger soon put the camera away and began running with the pram once more, seemingly oblivious to the apparent danger of the waves.

At its worst, Bronagh poured heavy rain and showers as it spread across the country, with over 100km/h gusts recorded in the Needles on the Isle of Wight.

It is not the first time a photographer has captured a potentially life-threatening seaside moment after a woman was spotted eating a picnic on a crumbling cliff edge in February.