NVIDIA's Broadcast app now supports professional cameras

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NVIDIA has rolled out a major update for its Broadcast app that finally makes it compatible with professional cameras. The chipmaker launched the application for PCs equipped with RTX GPUs in 2020 to give people a way to make their livestreams look and feel more professional even if they're streaming from home. Up until now, though, it's only been focused on webcams. Now even streamers who use more specialized or expensive equipment will be able to take advantage of its AI-driven features. 

Version 1.3 of the Broadcast app supports Canon's EOS Webcam Utility, Nikon's Webcam Utility and Sony's Webcam Utility, all of which are software tools that bring webcam-like function to the brands' cameras. Perhaps more importantly, the update also gives the app support for OBS Virtual Camera, making it possible to use Broadcast with any video device. 

In addition to expanding the app's hardware compatibility, version 1.3 also comes with an upgraded noise removal AI. The feature sometimes removes the host's voice when they're speaking loudly or at a higher pitch than usual, which isn't strange for streams where emotions can run high, such as in gaming streams. To address that, NVIDIA developed dedicated training sound profiles allowing the app to remove background noise without inadvertently muting the streamer. 

The new app reduces VRAM usage by over 40 percent compared to its predecessor, as well, which could translate to an increase in FPS while gaming. NVIDIA added the ability to stack effects in version 1.2, but running several AI features for the mic, speakers and camera can eat up a lot of memory. This solves any issue streamers may have with their computers slowing down. To access Broadcast's new features and UI upgrades and to use it with professional cameras, users will have to download and install version 1.3 from the company's website.

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