Nurse and mum of five, 37, dies from Covid before meeting newborn

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A nurse and mum of five has died from Covid-19 before being able to meet her newborn daughter.

Davy Macias, 37, from southern California, and her husband Daniel Macias fell ill with the Delta variant after taking their four kids — aged seven, five, three and two — on a family holiday in July.

Just a week after returning home, Ms Macias’s brother Vong Serey told local publications her husband texted him to say she had been admitted to hospital.

The registered nurse who worked in the labour and delivery ward was seven months pregnant at the time and had been hesitant to get the vaccine.

Davy Macias, 37, her husband Daniel Macias and their four kids.
Davy Macias, 37, from Southern California, and her husband Daniel Macias fell ill with the Delta variant after taking their four kids on a family holiday in July. Source: GoFundMe

While in the hospital, Ms Macias posted on Facebook on August 12 that she is “32 weeks pregnant today with Covid”, the East Bay Times reports.

“Thank you to everyone who’s known our status and helped along the way. These last days have been especially hard not seeing my kids.

“Currently on 10L of oxygen to maintain but hopefully will get weaned off soon. Just exhausted and depleted for energy. Praying for hubby’s health now too as he is running this course just a few days behind me.”

Just a few days later, Mr Macias delivered her baby girl six weeks before her due date. The newborn is doing well and is in the neonatal intensive care unit.

She has yet to be named.

Ms Macias, her husband and three of their children.
Ms Macias's husband Daniel is in critical condition. Source: GoFundMe

Nurse deteriorates after giving birth

Mr Serey said his little sister’s condition quickly deteriorated after she gave birth and she died last Thursday.

Her husband is now in critical condition in hospital and fighting for his life.

“Please continue to send positive thoughts, energy and prayer to Daniel so that he can wake up and name his baby girl,” Mr Serey wrote on a GoFundMe he created to help support the family and help family care for the couple’s five children.

The four older children also fell ill with Covid but have recovered and are staying with family members, who have appealed to the local community for clothing and toy donations.

“She kept her family together,” he said. 

“Taking care of the kids was her thing. She took care of them and did a real good job with them, too.”

The GoFundMe has raised more than A$164,000.

Ms Macias in her nursing uniform and wearing a mask at work.
The registered nurse worked in the labour and delivery ward. Source: GoFundMe/Facebook

Family pushes for people to get vaccinated

Ms Macias’s sister, Vandana Serey, said she visited the 37-year-old in hospital before she died.

“My mum and I went to see her one last time on that bed... that's an image that's going to stay with me,” she told KABC.

“She touched everybody's life. When she's there, she's an advocate for all of her patients. It's always for the benefit of the patient and the babies. 

“She's a great and an amazing woman.”

Mr Serey, who said his sister lit up every room she walked in, is now encouraging people to get vaccinated. 

“That is something that can't be defeated by just waiting it out,” he told QFox-13.

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