Nurse fired for sharing photos of sick baby on Instagram

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A nurse has been fired after mocking a sick baby’s condition on Instagram.

Sierra Samuels, who was working at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida, posted images on Instagram of a baby in an intensive care unit with a birth defect, CBS 4 reports.

The captions read: “My night was going great then boom!” and “Your intestines posed (sic) to be inside not outside baby” and is followed up with “#gastroschisis.”

Nurse Sierra Samuels is pictured.
ICU nurse Sierra Samuels has been fired for mocking a sick baby on Instagram. Source: Getty Images (file pic)/ CBS 4

Gastroschisis is a condition where the intestines are found outside the baby’s body, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It requires surgery to be fixed. It is not known exactly what causes the condition.

The hospital told local media that staff are trained in privacy rules and once it learned of the breach of confidentiality, it placed Ms Samuels on administrative leave.

She has since been fired though and had been working at the hospital since 2016.

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