‘Nuisance hazard’ in Coles carpark divides opinion

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A concerned shopper has taken to social media to ask Coles to remove "inconvenient" bollards from their carparks.

The woman took to Coles’ Facebook page to express her concerns on Monday describing the tyre-stoppers as a "nuisance hazard".

“They have these concrete pillars supposed to stop car tyres, only they do extensive damage to front bumpers before tyres touch or get stopped by them,” the woman writes in her post.

The post features a photograph of a car parked in the Coles click-and-collect bay outside the Victoria Street, Ballarat store.

A car is shown with its bumper falling off. Source: Facebook
A Coles customer has taken to Facebook to complain about concrete bollards in the parking lot of a store. Source: Facebook

The car is parked a distance from the concrete bollard, with the front bumper visibly detached and sitting on the ground.

The woman writes that the photograph was taken after a recent incident in the supermarket car park.

“A young girl this morning parked at the click-and-collect park only to have her whole front bumper ripped off from the concrete pillar. I have seen this time and time again.”

“It’s costly, inefficient, and could be prevented,” the woman writes, regarding the photographed incident.

“They are outdated and not suitable in car parks, no warnings around to notify customers of the potential damage.”

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

The woman concludes the post by asking Coles to do something about the bollards, before claiming she is “posting on social media to get action.”

Coles’ click and collect car park service has been previously been praised on social media, as well as their "carry to car" service.

‘Time to hand in your licence’: Coles bollard post sparks debate

The post has sparked debate in the comment section, with many slamming the car’s driver for not being “aware of their surroundings”. 

“People need to have a better understanding of their cars,” commented one person.

“Car must be too low for that to happen,” said another.

“I’ve got a Mustang and a Pulsar, neither of which hit those bollards,” commented a third.

The post’s creator has hit back at commenters, claiming: “it has happened to many cars of a standard make.” 

One person commented: “If you can’t see that concrete block, maybe it’s time to hand in your licence”, to which the poster retorted: “it’s where you park your car, you can’t avoid it”.

No resolution to woman’s Coles parking post

Coles has not addressed the woman’s concerns in the post’s comments.

A spokesperson for Coles has told Yahoo News Australia: “we do not own this car park and did not install the concrete blocks.”

“The landlord is Banco Group,” the spokesperson said.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Banco Group, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

This is not the first time a supermarket’s car park has been slammed by shoppers on social media.

A NSW Coles was recently called out in a post for storing trolleys in a disabled car parking space.

More recently, a grocery delivery driver was photographed parking in a bus zone.

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