Nth Korea food supplies top priority: Kim

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  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un
    General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and 3rd Supreme leader of North Korea

Half a year after warning his nation that food supplies might be deteriorating, North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un now says he hopes to completely solve the country's supply problems.

The basic task of the rural development strategy is to increase agricultural production, Kim said at the end of a five-day meeting of the ruling Workers' Party in Pyongyang on Friday to discuss goals for the new year, which state media reported on Saturday.

"(Kim) set it as the basic task of rural development strategy to increase the agricultural production and completely solve the food problem of the country, and specified the goals of grain output and production of stockbreeding, fruit, vegetables, industrial crops and sericulture to be attained phase by phase in the coming 10 years," state media reported.

The country, which is heavily isolated because of its nuclear weapons program, has been dependent on food aid from outside for many years after natural disasters and because of its own mismanagement.

The coronavirus pandemic also hit the country hard in the past two years.

It had closed its borders early on, which had a strong impact on trade with China.

According to the reports, Kim gave a lot of space at the party meeting to rural development and economic policy goals.

According to state media, Kim said at the party meeting that further pandemic defence must be given the highest priority in the working of the state this year.

It was not initially known whether Kim also gave an additional New Year's address.

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