NT police seize 200 litres of sly grog

Police have seized 200 litres of sly grog that was being transported nearly 700km from Mt Isa to Tennant Creek.

A man was identified as behind the attempted supply of 185 litres of cask wine, which was seized before he fled back to Townsville, avoiding charges.

A 52-year-old man was also charged with supplying alcohol to a person on the Northern Territory's Banned Drinkers' Register and is now on it himself.

"Some of the success we've had has been a result of information from the public, so we would like to thank them" Tennant Creek Superintendent Kerry Hoskins said.

"We want the public to continue to dob in a grog runner and help make our community a safer place."

Restrictions on the sale of alcohol were introduced in the town this year, with the Northern Territory Liquor Commission proposing to extend them further to limits of buying six cans or stubbies a day.

Tennant Creek is regarded as having significant alcohol-related social problems, with a two-year-old girl raped in February - allegedly by her 24-year-old uncle - and the liquor commission's report showing the majority of crimes and violence related to the town's "extraordinarily high" and harmful drinking rates.