NT gets 11 per cent jump in visitors

Greg Roberts

The number of visitors to the Northern Territory increased by 11 per cent in the last year to nearly two million people.

A total of 1.95 million people spent $2.54 billion in the year ending June.

Business visitors to the Territory represented the biggest growth with an increase of 33 per cent to 783,000.

The figures include those on holiday, visiting friends and relatives, business travellers and others.

There were increases in the top two local markets NSW and Queensland, which contributed $681 million, while the top international markets were Japan and the US.

There was a 56 per cent jump in visitor numbers from Japan to 40,000.

China, which has had direct flights to Darwin since last year, was in fifth place with a 35 per cent increase to 23,000 visitors.

"Tourism is a highly competitive global industry and the Northern Territory has stunning natural attractions, wide-open spaces, unique cultural experiences and world-class facilities that make it the perfect port-of-call for national and international visitors, Minister for Tourism, Sport and Culture, Lauren Moss said.