NT to consider new infrastructure corridor

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A new infrastructure corridor to run services including gas, water and communications, may be established between Darwin and Tennant Creek to bolster regional development in the Northern Territory.

The Territory government says a study has identified a preliminary corridor alignment which takes into account engineering, environmental, social and infrastructure considerations.

It will be further refined and developed during consultation with stakeholders including landowners.

"This is an early planning and investigation phase as part of a long-term project to support growth across multiple sectors in the Territory economy, including natural gas, hydrogen energy and digital infrastructure," Infrastructure Minister Eva Lawler said.

"The aim of consultation is to engage stakeholders in detail about the proposed corridor, environmental considerations and to better understand its potential impacts on land use."

Following initial discussions, the government plans to hold public information events through drop-in sessions in Tennant Creek, Katherine, Adelaide River and Darwin.

It is also working closely with the Aboriginal Area Protection Authority and land councils to understand the potential impacts of the project on Aboriginal sacred sites and land.

"This proposal has the potential to not only link the regions with key infrastructure but also to provide long-term, sustainable jobs for regional Territorians," Ms Lawler said.