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Buckingham Palace released photographs of Princess Charlotte to mark her first birthday. And the resemblance to her older brother is remarkable. Hugh Whitfeld reports.

The Orthodox church at Rockdale was not the only one destroyed by fire following Easter celebrations after huge blaze at Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Manhattan. Emma Dallimore reports.

One of the biggest suburban projects in our northwest has begun. Land at Box Hill is being transformed into a $4 billion development, to create homes for 13,000 people. Sean Berry reports.

Turia Pitt nearly died when she was caught in that horrific bushfire during an ultra-marathon in the Kimberleys in 2011. But her will to not only survive but dominate is just breathtaking. Mel …

Former Catholic priest John Farrell has been sentenced to 29 years with a minimum of 18 behind bars for sexually assaulting a dozen children. Samantha Brett reports.

A three-year-old boy is fighting for life tonight after he was pulled unconscious from a dam at a home at Ingleside on Sydney's Northern beaches. Cameron Price reports.

A baby girl has died, her older brother is in hospital and their mother seriously hurt – all taken from their Queanbeyan unit well alight when firefighters arrived. Adene Cassidy reports.

Western Sydney will be the big winner from the federal budget with more than $2 billion going to the Sydney Metro to Bankstown and the Parramatta light rail. Lee Jeloscek reports.

Tens of thousands of small businesses are going to benefit from a tax cut in the federal budget. But we're told not to expect any big spending announcements. Mark Riley reports.