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Demountables offer a quick-fix to Sydney's classroom crisis with more than a third of schools stretched beyond capacity, but too many schools are struggling across the city. Megan Miller reports.

An Australian male model could be answering a lot more phone calls for jobs tonight after he heroically jumped into a frozen lake in New York's Central Park to save children in danger. Ashlee Mullany …

Finally their voices have been heard, as patients suffering chronic pain and forced to break the law to cope will now be able to legally access medicinal cannabis. Alex Hart reports.

The crash so close to Essendon Airport has left many asking, is it safe to build right next door to the runway? It's also raised questions in Sydney about a multi-million dollar development plan on …

The NSW premier is facing her first ministerial crisis with calls to sack Multiculturalism Minister Ray Williams over a donations scandal while the opposition claims a Liberal Party powerplay.

Electricity and gas companies have long been luring us in with hefty plan discounts of up to 40 per cent off. But new data shows the majority of consumers still don't know those discounts expire and …