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The big supermarket chains have promised to absorb new taxes on tins of Italian tomatoes, to avoid any price rise. Helen Wellings reports.

New figures show Australians gave almost $23 million dollars to con artists last year plunging many into financial ruin. Samantha Brett reports.

Australia's population is growing, but slower than in our past as single child families become more common. Adene Cassidy reports.

Cruise ship passengers have told how they thought they would die when they sailed through a super storm off America's east coast.

FIRST ON 7: 7 News was invited aboard the one-point-four billion dollar floating helicopter dock and military base as she begins her first training exercises at sea. Chris Reason reports.

As the benefits of the mining boom fade Australia is riding another economic wave with international education generating billions of dollars. Damien Smith reports.

An explosive transcript has emerged of Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen saying she told her son's girlfriend to fake chest pains in order to delay a police breath test. Lee Jeloscek reports.

Dramatic video has been shown in court of armed robbers smashing their way in to a Kings Cross hotel, and robbing the manager.

Human Services Minister Stuart Robert has been forced to resign over his controversial trip to China eighteen months ago. Mark Riley reports.