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FIRST ON 7: You're about to see video of a fisherman coming face-to-face with a great white shark. The twist in this story is that he chose to be in the water and, in fact, went to extraordinary …

Despite most of us living in cities, Australians like their cars to look rough 'n' tough - ready to tackle the Great Outdoors. Latest figures show SUVs and ute sales surging by up to 20 per cent - …

If you're a parent whose children don't listen to a word you say, we have news that might change your life - and theirs. They might not be able to hear you, but a world-first Australian invention …

The contaminated lettuce scandal continues to spread, with more than 50 people falling ill and 30 products on the recall list. Alex Hart reports.

FIRST ON 7: Detectives have raided shops across Sydney, charging seven people for selling equipment used to smoke the drug, ice. Police seized hundreds of illegal items during simultaneous raids that …

A manhunt is underway after a series of armed robberies in western Sydney. The same bandit is suspected of holding up three petrol stations in the past two days and early Friday the owner of a Kings …

An anticipated legal victory for Australian Julian Assange could be bitter sweet with the Wikileaks founder likely to remain under self-imposed house arrest. Europe Correspondent Hugh Whitfeld is …

The guessing game over what will be in and what will be out of the Turnbull Government's tax package will end when the Budget is revealed in May. The Prime Minister confirmed the timetable on Friday …