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Katelyn Thornley is 12 years old and she sneezes 12,000 times a day. She has gone public with her condition hoping someone might have a cure and make it stop. Emma Dallimore reports.

Researchers are working on a treatment to starve cells of a key nutrient to stop tumours growing. Adene Cassidy reports.

Australian telcos are now required by law to store the background data from every phone call, email and internet visit we make. The new meta data laws came into effect to help combat terrorism. Tim …

The refugees in Jordan's sprawling Zaatari camp are safe from war but trapped without a life. Many have even decided to return to Syria and then risk a perilous overland and sea journey to Europe. …

WARNING: This disturbing video shows the harrowing last minutes of two mates driving while high on drugs. They were travelling at more than 140 kilometres an hour when they crashed and died. Bryan …

Migraines have puzzled doctors. Now world first research in Sydney has pinpointed a chemical which is common to everyone suffering the blinding headaches. Dr Andrew Rochford reports.

The Cancer Council isn't happy with our coffee chains and is blames them for serving huge doses of sugar, fat and and kilojoules in coffee and snacks.

A grandfather has survived almost a week lost in the scorching West Australian outback without a drop of water. Angie Asimus reports.

The Reserve Bank and Macquarie Bank predict the Sydney housing boom is nearly over. They are predicting prices will drop before Easter and then slowly head down even more. Cath Turner reports.

The official cause of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 which killed 298 people over Ukraine last year including 38 Australians will be revealed. Hugh Whitfeld reports.

Liverpool Council has revealed plans for a glittering multi-use stadium, featuring a retractable football field that can be wheeled away when not in use. Jessica Dietrich reports.

Former security guard Steven Frank Fesus denies murdering his wife just months after their wedding 18 years ago. Samantha Brett reports.

Police are investigating new terror threats against a major shopping centre in Sydney’s west and a suburban police station. Chris Reason reports.