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Electricity and gas companies have long been luring us in with hefty plan discounts of up to 40 per cent off. But new data shows the majority of consumers still don't know those discounts expire and …

She's been accused of striking when NSW parliament resumed without her last week, but the former health minister, Jillian Skinner, has finally handed in her resignation. Lee Jeloscek reports.

Police have praised the bravery of a neighbour who ran into a burning home in Sydney's south trying to save a mother-of-four as the house went up in flames. Tom Sacre reports.

Protests against Donald Trump have taken over parts of London where taxpayers will be forced to fund a state visit for the US President later this year. Hugh Whitfeld reports.

Amber Harrison, the woman who had an affair with Channel Seven boss Tim Worner, threatened to "unleash a reign of terror" in a "war" to destroy the media chief. Chris Reason reports.

Labor says it supports a new proposal tonight for federal elections to be held every four years and with a fixed date in a proposal being pushed by a Liberal MP who says it would be good news for the …

A man who stomped on the head of a defenceless taxi driver in a drug and alcohol fuelled rage will spend at least two years behind bars. His girlfriend will also do time, but the couple are …

The air crash investigation team will undertake a thorough examination of the wreckage, but already there are theories as to why this plane went down as Seven's aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas …

Jayden Moyo was born with part of his brain outside his skull, a growth so big doctors had never seen one like it before. After marathon surgery little Jayden has shocked doctors with his progress. …