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There is talk Mitre 10 will either buy or merge with Home Hardware to create a nationwide mega-chain with up to 900 stores, 3 times as many as Bunnings. Helen Wellings reports.

An entire American suburb is sleeping with one eye open tonight because of a nerve wracking invasion of spiders. Lawns and homes across Memphis have been covered in webs now there's a race to …

A fleet of 5 P&O cruise ships will assemble off the coast before entering Sydney Harbour together for a day of celebrations, concerts and a fireworks spectacular. Paul Kadak reports.

A new report shows half of all asthma sufferers in Australia poorly control the condition, while treatments are improving and fewer children are now affected. Adene Cassidy reports.

The crew behind the legendary Wild Oats XI are not sure how it will perform after it was given a whole new look after major sailing surgery to make it even faster. Sean Berry reports.

The residents of Spring Farm are now worrying for their homes because a proposed rail line could go through their suburb. Samantha Brett reports.

New figures confirm when it comes to paying the rent Sydney is the most unaffordable place in Australia. Damien Smith reports.

The Australian Labor party has announced a plan to hike tobacco taxes so that smokers would pay more than $40 dollars a packet. Tim Lester reports.

A 13-year-old boy has died tragically in the middle of the night crashing his scooter in a Western Sydney industrial estate. Ashlea Brown reports.