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Erupting volcanos are nothing to smile about, but this one is a little different. Lava from the volcano cascaded off of cliffs on Hawaii's Big Island on Wednesday, appearing from the air as though it …

A Sydney couple is making treasures of old trash from the last 100 years. Their junk yard is filled with relics of Sydney's past, and it's been opened to the public for display.

Time is running out for hundreds of thousands of civilians in Syria - many of them children, trapped by war. Now they're being told they have a chance to flee the country's largest city, Aleppo.

The Reserve Bank is expected to cut interest rates by another quarter of a percent next week - making the cost of borrowing even cheaper.

Our state hospitals are under pressure to introduce more milk banks for newborn babies. Some desperate mothers unable to feed are now turning to strangers to trade milk in order to nourish their …

Just days after their accommodation was declared safe to move in, a fire emergency has driven Australia's Olympic team out. The blaze started in a pile of building waste, possibly sparked by a …

A day after refusing to back Kevin Rudd's campaign to be UN Secretary General, Malcolm Turnbull has been accused of misleading parliament and the former Labor Prime Minister.

Months after its arrival in Australia, patients are presenting with the first results from a new laser fat removal technique which is all the rage in America. Dr Andrew Rochford reports.

It's something many of us live with, and many are suffering in silence. New figures show chronic pain affects more than four million people, and costs the economy billions. Natasha Squarey reports.