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Coles has refused an Arnott's proposal to put the price of biscuits up by 10 per cent and the biscuit standoff is leaving shelves empty. Helen Wellings reports.

Our cities, streets and national parks have all been mapped by Google. The project is allowing users around the globe to take a virtual dip at Bondi or check the surf at Manly. Damien Smith reports.

For 113 years one factory has made the rifles Australian soldiers carry into battle. From The World Wars to Vietnam and Afghanistan our firepower has come from a Lithgow business. Now we have …

An SBS staffer who threatened to kill a Sydney police officer in the name of Allah has been let off with a good behaviour bond. Police stormed Nicholas Hogan's Marrickville home following a Facebook …

Skydiving instructor Tony Rockov was been laid to rest as a true hero. In his final act of bravery he saved a 14 year old boy as a freak gust of wind slammed them into the ground. Leonie Ryan reports.

Australia is now committed to giving a billion dollars to help poorer countries deal with climate change. The decision was confirmed today by Prime Minister Turnbull in Paris for United Nations …

The start of summer has been pretty unpleasant for firefighters in northwest Sydney. Sally Bowrey reports.

Sydney property prices take a dip have taken their biggest dip in nearly 5 years. They fell by 1.4 per cent in November but they are still up nearly 13 per cent over the past year. Despite the recent …

Police were called after a baby boy was left alone inside a childcare centre sleeping. The centre’s owner said a miscommunication was to blame for the incident. Paul Fegan reports.

No DescriptionA controversial report from the Productivity Commission suggests retirees could sell the family home and use the money to take pressure off the age pension. Mark Riley reports.

Very few mass murders have been carried out with the calculation behind the Lin family slayings. Women and children asleep in their beds were among the targets one just 9 years old. Robert Ovadia …

Sydney man Robert Xie now faces another trial over the murder of five members of his extended family. The 51-year-old stands accused of using a hammer to bludgeon the Lin family to death at their …