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MP's are heading back to Canberra for their first sitting since the July election. The Turnbull Government is expected to test its strength with some major budget cut moves.

Across Sydney a major police operation played out as Salim Mehajer's sister Kat tied the knot in a lavish million-dollar ceremony.

The first cracks could be appearing in the state government's controversial lockout laws. Several city venues are celebrating after a landmark decision by the Supreme Court for exemption.

Electronic dolls that cry all night and need attention all day are used by schools t make teenage girls think twice about falling pregnant. However, a new Australian study of 3,000 schoolgirls has …

To mark National Dog Day, jail bosses have been showing off their K.9 unit. The unit stops hard drugs and other contraband getting to prison inmates. Damien Smith reports.

A young boy’s local community has rallied around him, raising enough money for costly treatment in the United States. Jimmy Jurd has a malignant tumour that is so rare, it’s the only known case …

Australian farmers are fearful they will be ruined if backpackers are hit with a new tax. They believe local unemployed people don’t want fruit-picking jobs because it’s ‘easier being on the …