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Waled Elriche was in Parramatta Court to be sentenced for stalking and intimidation. He lashed out at reporters before being jailed. Bryan Seymour reports.

FIRST ON 7: There is serious money to be saved on a wide range of discounts that are strictly for seniors. Lee Jeloscek reports.

A huge new study tabled has found a high incidence of diabetes in those taking just one course of antibiotics every few years. Adene Cassidy reports.

FIRST ON 7: A 'jobs audit' of Sydney's Greater West has revealed good and bad news. While there is plenty of work thousands of jobs there is a lack of skilled applicants to fill those white-collar …

Australia Post is seeking an almost 43 per cent increase in the price of postage stamps, while also asking for a longer delivery period. Amelia Brace reports.

A drug dealer who sold the pills that killed Sydney teenager Georgina Bartter has been jailed for 12 months. There were tears in court as his family were visibly shocked Matthew Forti would be going …

FIRST ON 7: A Sydney mother has lodged an official complaint with police claiming an officer physically assaulted her during a traffic stop in Northmead. Alex Hart reports.

Suspected criminals with links to terrorism or violent extremism, including returned foreign fighters, will be automatically refused bail in NSW under new laws promised by Premier Mike Baird. Paul …

Customers are threatening to boycott Sydney's Cruise Bar after female models were hired to lie naked on tables to act as serving platters. Angie Asimus reports.