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Months after its arrival in Australia, patients are presenting with the first results from a new laser fat removal technique which is all the rage in America. Dr Andrew Rochford reports.

It's something many of us live with, and many are suffering in silence. New figures show chronic pain affects more than four million people, and costs the economy billions. Natasha Squarey reports.

They thunder in from the heavens, saving thousands of people year after year. The air rescue service Careflight reached a special milestone. Damien Smith reports.

It may be all downhill from here for a teenage skateboarder who posted a video of himself speeding at 80km/h along a steep road on the Central Coast. Leonie Ryan reports.

Hurlstone Park station has served its local community for over 120 years, but the idea that trains may no longer stop here worries commuters. Lee Jeloscek reports.

The NSW state government has gone to the Supreme Court in a bid to keep Ahmed Elomar, one of the notorious Hyde Park rioters, behind bars. Samantha Brett reports.

Hillary Clinton has delivered the most important speech of her political lifetime, accepting her party's nomination to become America's first female President. Emma Dallimore reports.

Air Safety officials are trying to work out what went wrong to allow two planes loaded with passengers to pass so dangerously close in the skies off the Gold Coast. Robert Ovadia reports.

A 10-year-old boy is in Westmead Children's' Hospital after being run over by a car at Penrith. Sean Berry reports.

He's a former prime minister of Australia, but Kevin Rudd is not suitable to run the United Nations. That's Malcolm Turnbull's captain's call, a decision he announced today moments after calling Mr …