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Nobody's been keeping watch on Tina Arena's career more than Johnny Young, the man who gave the star her big break on Young Talent Time, who says she’s at the top of her game. Adene Cassidy reports.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will have his first personal one-on-one meeting with the Queen as the Commonwealth comes together for CHOGM. Hugh Whitfeld reports.

New Australian research which shows menopausal women who carry out hormone replacement therapy could be putting themselves at risk of breast cancer. Dr Andrew Rochford reports.

FIRST ON 7: A teenage driver, high on ice, could walk free from jail in just three years, but the family of the Cronulla man she killed when her car crashed into him hopes this tragic case will serve …

Russia has long been the unspoken nemisis of Europe and America, but differences were put aside during a rare meeting in Moscow when France agreed to share intelligence with Putin's Government so …

FIRST ON 7: A major bungle which has left military bosses red faced after a recent upgrade made Australia's fighting tanks too heavy, meaning they can't be taken to sea in our brand new ships …

They're the brave men and women who risk their lives in fire zones to protect their communities, and tonight the Rural Fire Service is mourning one of their own. Matthew Snelson reports.

Malcolm Turnbull's calmer language on national security is paying off with the voters as a 7News Reachtel poll finds an overwhelming majority feeling safer under his leadership compared with Tony …

With 12 incidents reported in the last year, the SCG Trust has become the first sporting venue listed among the most violent in NSW. Robert Ovadia reports.