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Today marks Global Champagne Day. But every day there must be lots for us to celebrate because Australia's consumption of bubbly is soaring like never before. We track the best bubbles for the best …

For the half a million Australians suffering heart failure, there is big news as cardiologists say a drug has come just in time to improve and extend lives. Angie Asimus reports.

A quadriplegic Sydney woman has been moved to tears by an act of kindness, after her special mobile phone was stolen. She relies on the device daily, and it could save her life in a crisis. Cameron …

The prime minister called it historic, the premier said it was an important day for the city as they met in Eveleigh about the future of western Sydney. Alex Hart reports.

Iraqi and Kurdish fighters have experienced some of their fiercest resistance yet from Islamic State fighters. They won back the key town of Bartella despite being targeted by several suicide car …

As the Turnbull government ends a sorry week of internal finger pointing and contradictions, state and federal ministers failed to agree on lifting the rapid-fire Adler shotgun import ban. Mark Riley …

A blunt message from Sydney firefighters today: Excuse the smoke, but get used to it. They say it’s all part of a campaign to safeguard the city from bushfires. Cameron Price reports.

An out-of-control fire has started at the edge of Kodoka Oval, off Heathcote Road near the Holsworthy sewage treatment plant. Fanned by a northerly breeze, it roared through neighbouring scrub. Sean …