An exclusive 7News investigation can reveal that nearly $350 million has been collected from traffic camera fines in NSW over the last five years.

The findings show that speed cameras in some positions are raking in large amounts of money through fines, as to whether they are deterring unsafe driving behavior still remains in question.

The 7News report shows that a camera on Cleveland St at Moore Park is one of New South Wales' highest earning, over the last five years it has amassed the government more than $10 million.

Other high profiting speed snappers include: Great Western Highway at Parramatta; Hume Highway Bankstown; King Georges Road at Beverly Hills; and the M2.

"How is that a deterrent?" says Duncan Gay, NSW Roads Minister in response to the findings.

"Because people obviously haven't learned their lesson in slowing down." Gay continued.

"These initial findings show that there is far too much money being raised from cameras." says Peter Khoury from the NRMA.

The findings will be used by the state Auditor General who will report next month on which cameras save lives and which ones only raise money.

For the full list of cameras in NSW see here

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