Transport officers cancel Opal card of man who had chip implanted in his hand

A Sydney man who has an Opal card chip implanted under his skin is now threatening legal action because transport authorities have cancelled the card.

Going by the name Meow Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow, he says he'll fight for the right to swipe.

Meow Ludo had his Opal Card implanted into his hand. Source: 7 News

As well as the Opal card implant, the "biohacker" has his Bitcoin address on his thumb and a business card that sits just behind his wrist.

The self-described cyborg - a fusion of man and machine - believes he's the future.

But the government disagrees, terminating his card, and Meow is now in court fighting a fine from Transport New South Wales for having an invalid ticket.

Meow is now in court facing a fine for having an invalid ticket. Source: 7 News

"There are a lot of people studying this now as one of the first cyborg rights cases in the world," he said.

"Do I own technology that's in my body, even if another company wants to licence it to me? And how far do their rights extend?"

For now, Meow will have to buy a ticket or use an Opal card the way everyone else does.

The self-described cyborg also has his Bitcoin address and business card implanted under his skin. Source: 7 News

But he says if he loses his case, there's nothing stopping him getting a new chip inserted in his hand.

"I'm looking forward to seeing Transport NSW in court," he said.

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