'Adored, not abused': Subject of RSPCA search over 'alleged animal cruelty' shares photos of loved pet

Friends of the Sydney woman the subject of an RSPCA Call for Information, which stated that the RSPCA had received footage of her “appearing to suffocate her Greyhound”, have now shared photos showing how loved the adopted pet is by his family.

Photos show just how wrong RSPCA got dog 'choking' accusation

Photos show just how wrong RSPCA got dog 'choking' accusation

RSPCA NSW on Tuesday referred to footage of the woman in Clontarf, in Sydney's north, which it described as “alleged animal cruelty in Clontarf Caught on Film”, after receiving a report from the member of the public.

But 24 hours after calling for the public to help track down the woman who'd allegedly abused her pet, it appears the RSPCA search was in the end, unnecessary, since she explained she was trying to remove a dead possum from his mouth.

Speaking with Yahoo7 News on behalf of the dog's owner, family friend Lena Li set the record straight after thousands of abusive comments were posted on the original RSPCA post, devastating the young family.

Photos show just how adored Moby really is. Source: Supplied/Lena Li

A quick nap after some light reading. Source: Supplied/Lena Li

She emphasised that 'Moby' has lived an incredible life with a loving family since he was adopted from the RSPCA in December, 2016.

"He gets free reign on the family deck, the sofas and has the backyard to himself," Ms Li said, adding that the Sydney family found the entire situation to be ridiculous.

Images supplied to Yahoo7 News show just how adored the possum-hunting pooch really is.

Taking in some vitamin D out on the family deck. Source: Supplied/Lena Li

While Moby's exact breed mix remains unknown, Ms Li said it was his pointer background that saw his hunting instincts come out when he came across the dead possum.

"He was trying to eat a dead possum while my friend's sister tried to wrestle it from him with a poo bag in her hand," she added.

"Moby is quite done with it all. All he wanted was a dead possum and he didn't even get that."

RSPCA later updated their post saying an inspector had spoken to Moby's owner regarding the incident.

The RSPCA Call for Information said the that in the footage, the woman “appeared to suffocate her Greyhound with a plastic bag”. Source: Facebook/RSPCA

"Not wanting to touch the dead possum she used a dog waste bag to try and get the possum out of the dog's mouth," an RSPCA spokeswoman said in a statement on Wednesday.

The animal welfare group said its inspectors examined the dog and went to the scene where they found the remains of a dead possum.

The organisation confirmed "no offences have been committed".

"Animal welfare is our highest priority and we are committed to taking every complaint of alleged cruelty seriously," the spokeswoman said.

Yahoo7 News has contacted RPSCA NSW for further comment.

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