Elderly woman killed by own car in NSW

An 80-year-old NSW woman who "treated her car like her baby" has been crushed to death by the vehicle after she forgot to apply the handbrake in her driveway.

Police say Dorothy Burke walked in front of the car before it rolled over her in Bathurst on Wednesday evening. She died at the scene.

Cyndi Walker says her Great Aunty Dot had just returned home with some groceries when she was killed.

"She went to cover her car, because she covers it every night, and forgot to put the handbrake on," Ms Walker told AAP on Thursday

"My (great) uncle said she treated her car like it was her baby."

Ms Walker says her great-aunt - originally a Walker - was one of the last in her family lineage.

"This is such a great loss to us all, she was so special, the most amazing and caring person," Ms Walker said.

"She cared for my two younger boys like they were her own. She was always there for other people."

Cyndi said when her great-uncle arrived at the home on Wednesday evening "the groceries were still on the back seat of the car".

The married elderly couple lived in separate residences but ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day, Ms Walker said.

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