NSW police text coke ring clients in bust

NSW Police have busted several cocaine syndicates operating under a so-called "dial-a-dealer" model and will now contact the accused suppliers' customers in a bid to gain further information.

Thirty-six people were arrested during November after a short but effective sting targeting drug syndicates in Sydney, police revealed on Friday.

The groups allegedly used central phone numbers for customers to contact and organise drug drops in specified locations.

Contact details for customers were extracted from the phones of accused suppliers and police will now send them messages to see if they can help with further inquiries.

They will be under no obligation to respond.

Police seized 468 grams of cocaine, $120,000 cash, nearly 200 grams of MDMA, two loaded guns and vehicles, but perhaps more valuable were the 2000 contact numbers taken from phones used by the criminal groups.

The majority of those caught up in the sting were arrested over their alleged ongoing drug supply, while 14 were charged with possession.

Many of the 28 men and eight women appeared in court in November and will reappear in January.

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