Man jailed for murdering ex partner's Tinder date in Sydney restaurant

A man who knifed his ex-partner and violently murdered her new date as they dined at a Sydney restaurant has been jailed for at least 30 years.


Alexander Villaluna, 45, previously pleaded guilty to murdering Keith Collins, 53, and wounding nurse Jovi Pilapil, 39, with intent to cause her grievous bodily harm in late March 2016.

Jovi Pilapil and Alexander Villaluna in happier times. Picture: Supplied

His actions were "savage, cowardly and undertaken without hesitation", Justice Robert Beech-Jones said when sentencing Villaluna to 40 years in jail with a non-parole period of 30 years at the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday.

Alexander Villaluna was arrested at the restaurant, with blood on his hands. Picture: AAP

Villaluner’s victim Keith Collins was a man who loved his footy, his family and dared to embrace life.

Such as meeting up with the offender's estranged wife Jovi Pilapil.

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On March 30 last year, Alexander Villaluna hunted his ex-wife down, going from restaurant to restaurant until he finally found the pair having dinner. Picture: 7 News

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Keith Collins was stabbed 11 times in the fatal attack. Picture: Supplied

The pair was at a restaurant when the killer calmly walked over, put his hand on Keith's shoulde and stabbed him 11 times.

"Mr Collins was a completely innocent victim of a horrendous crime,” Justice Beech-Jones told the court.

Villaluner repeatedly plunged the hunting knife into his former partner, but she ranand survived.

The killer's estranged partner Jovi Pilapil was also injured but survived. Picture: Supplied

He was so blinded by jealousy and rage that shehad moved on.

The judge said Villaluner “regarded her as his property the offender couldn't conceive the possibility that she might be entitled to make her own choices about her life”.

Villaluna struggled to apologise to the victim's family, saying he was still angry at what had happened to him.

The judge said that was nothing more than self-pity, showing a complete lack of remorse.

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