Sentencing wait for man who let baby burn

A Sydney man who left a baby burning in a hot bath while he smoked a cigarette is awaiting sentencing inside a prison where inmates have repeatedly attacked him.

The 10-month-old boy suffered burns to about 40 per cent of his body when Atare Tepania, 24, left him unattended to smoke a cigarette in November 2015.

When Tepania returned to the unplugged bath, he picked the screaming boy up by one arm but dropped him on the tiled floor before pouring cold water over him.

The baby was so badly burned his skin was peeling off.

Tepania pleaded guilty in August to reckless grievous bodily harm and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

On Friday, he offered a tearful apology to the boy's mother.

Tepania tested positive for methamphetamine and was hungover, court documents show.

The court heard Tepania, who endured a troubled childhood, drank for "an extended period of time" before the incident, also mixing the alcohol with drugs for two consecutive nights.

Tepania said he has been targeted by other inmates at Parklea jail who heard about his case on the news and said they called him "putrid".

On one occasion, a prisoner threw boiling water and jam over Tepania, causing skin on his face to peel, while in another incident he was bashed by three others.

He will be sentenced on October 27.