'Every young person has baggage': Hillsong guard knocked out at youth gathering

A Hillsong Church security guard has been knocked out and young worshippers injured during a brawl outside its inner-Sydney campus in Waterloo.

The young Christians were leaving a youth meeting, headed to Redfern Station, when an argument with another group of young men descended into violence.

Hillsong's City Campus security guard Ashil Nada was stretchered into an ambulance after he was knocked unconscious to the ground from an alleged "coward punch".

The 33-year-old was trying to protect a group of young worshippers when police say he was punched in the back of the head, while intervening in a street brawl.

The security guard was knocked out after the Hillsong youth meeting. Source: 7 News

Campus pastor c said the Evangelic church members were praying for the guard who has worked with them for many years.

"He is a really great guy and has served as part of the security team here for many years… and our thoughts are really with him," he said.

The pastor said there appeared to a passer-by in a car who "recognised one person that was walking home and what ensued was some kind of scuffle".

Pastor Christian Jeyaratnam said sometimes young people have baggage. Source: 7 News

He believes it was not a religious attack and security will be reviewed.

Youth leader Caleb Matenga told 7 News he was waiting for three teenagers to be picked up when they were allegedly attacked by a group of random men.

A 21-year-old and an 18-year-old were both hit in the face.

The Hillsong Waterloo campus. Source: 7 News

Hundreds of people had congregated at the campus for its weekly youth service.

But neighbours say the music event attracts rowdy crowds with fights often spilling onto the street.

The guard is still recovering at St Vincent's Hospital. Source: 7 News

Pastor Jeyaratnam said the meetings were for young people and sometimes young people have issues.

"Every young person has baggage and so we'll always have security so the young people here are safe," he said.

Police are continuing their search for the men involved.

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