WATCH: Do parking rangers deserve this shocking abuse?

Popularity is not one of the perks of the job for Sydney's parking rangers and new exclusive video footage shows just how much shocking abuse the public servants cop.

Some say the public is angry at them for a good reason: Sydney's parking fines are the highest in the country, costing many drivers hundreds of dollars each year.

And for those struggling to make ends meet the price can be crippling.

A man confronts a parking inspector in front of his house. Photo: 7 News

A man's angry reaction to getting a parking fine caught on camera. Photo: 7 News

Sydneysiders pay the highest parking fines in the country. Photo: 7 News

But exclusive video shows the kind of abuse the parking inspectors are copping every day.

In the footage, one man can be seen yelling at a ranger: "what was that for?" before calling him names.

The ranger responds: "You parked the wrong way".

To which the man scream: "I just parked here you f***ng gronk. Take it off".

Exclusive footage shows parking inspectors being abused by Sydneysiders. Photo: 7 News

Another tells as inspector: "You ruin families lives - get a better job".

In another piece of footage a man can be heard saying: "There's been 12 tickets since I lived upstairs here - YOU WITH ME!?!?!".

Former Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne said it is never alright to abuse public servants. Photo: 7 News

Darcy Byrne the former Leichhardt Mayor said people are right to be angry at the parking system.

"There is a visceral anger bubbling below the surface about the way governments have used parking metres for revenue raising," Mr Byrne said.

"But it's never okay to take out that frustration on public servants who are just trying to do their job."

Last month drivers in New South Wales were hit with more than $13 million worth of fines.

In 2016 those parking fines reached a record $185 million.

Pete Khoury from the NRMA said: "Right now I think too many members of the community are concerned this is all about collecting money from motorists for councils".

Peter Khoury from the NRMA said residents are concerned about revenue raising. Photo: 7 News

There are 138 types of parking fines in NSW, ranging from $108 for parking longer than is allowed to $541 for a disabled park.

And some of these fines are roughly double what you'd pay for illegally parking in New York.

Laura Bianchi from the Redfern Legal Centre said many families can't afford the fines.

"Obviously low income earners and people who get hit with a $200 fine are going to feel the effects of that more significantly," Ms Bianchi said.

Laura Bianchi from the Redfern Legal Centre said some families really struggle to pay parking fines. Photo: 7 News

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