The propeller which fell off a Regional Express flight as it was approaching Sydney has been found in bushland southwest of the city.

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missing rex propellor found


VIDEO The propeller which detached from a Regional Express plane over western Sydney has been found by NSW police at around midday on Tuesday. Source: NSW Police missing rex propellor found

A police helicopter on patrol spotted the Saab 340 propeller in bushland off The River Road at Revesby about midday on Tuesday.

Officers have established a crime scene and NSW Police are working with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to "safely recover the item".

The propeller, which fell off a Regional Express aircraft, has been found in bushland. Photo: 7 News

The propeller sheared off Friday's Rex flight from Albury to Sydney which was carrying 16 passengers and three crew.

The plane subsequently landed safely at Sydney Airport.

Regional Express has grounded an additional five planes as the investigation continues into how the propeller fell off.

The propeller was difficult to see at first, as this image taken from a helicopter above he bushland shows. Photo: 7 News

"Rex has decided, by abundance of caution, to immediately remove from service and quarantine all propeller gear boxes and shafts of the same series as that of the incident for further inspection and testing if warranted," Rex said in a statement on Monday.

The Saab 340's engine was shut down on Friday following "abnormal indications" with the pilot "feathering" the propeller to reduce drag.

It was at this point that the propeller assembly separated and rotated upwards and to the right of the aircraft - luckily avoiding contact with the plane.

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Rex grounds some of its fleet after 'propeller mishap'


VIDEO Rex grounds some of its fleet after 'propeller mishap'. Source: Seven News Rex grounds some of its fleet after 'propeller mishap'
The plane landed safely after the propeller flew off. Photo: 7 News

In the days since the propeller detached "the ATSB has been calculating its likely trajectory using data from the aircraft's flight data recorder", the bureau said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The propeller was located in an area broadly consistent with the ATSB's calculations."

The ATSB said once recovered the 100kg propeller assembly would be examined to determine the contributing factors that led to its detachment from the Saab 340.

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