WATCH: Commuter near-miss as Sydney train explosion sends roof flying

It seems it was only very good luck that no one was killed when part of a Sydney train exploded and blasted its roof off at Burwood station.

Metal panels flew through the air, just missing commuters standing on the platform, although one man on board the train was injured.

The train roof was blown off as the 1.26pm as the Epping to Central service pulled into platform three at the inner west station.

Debris was sent flying across the tracks, narrowly missing people waiting on platform five.

The panel exploded off the train headed toward the city. Source: 7 News

The explosion sent panels flying at Burwood station. Source: 7 News

But a man in his 50s riding the city-bound service was injured and treated at the station before being sent home.

"He had bruising to his chest," said Sydney Trains Chief Executive Howard Collins.

"He was treated by the ambulance crew. There was no sign of any flesh wounds. Just some bruising."

Engineers examined the damage.

It's thought the explosion was caused by flashover of the static converter. Source: 7 News

Commuters described the commotion at the platform.

"I heard it – I heard kaboom," one person said.

Another commuters said it was like "firecrackers. Fireworks, like fireworks."

The platform was evacuated. Source: 7 News

"Almighty bang and we just sort of looked stunned. We thought it was a gas explosion or something," they added.

The Sydney Trains CEO said it was not a gas explosion, but a problem with a power inverter in the carriage ceiling.

"We had a flashover of the static inverter on top of the Waratah train," Mr Collins said, "that caused debris to fall outside the train and also some interior damage."

Panels were sent as far as platform five. Source: 7 News

The panels were taken away for further examination. Source: 7 News

Passengers were told to evacuate the platform and other trains were diverted as police moved in.

The train was taken away for further checks while investigators try to determine the exact cause of the problem.

The opposition is also demanding answers with shadow transport minister Jodi McKay calling for government assurances that Sydney Trains are safe.

The opposition wants assurance the city's trains are safe. Source: 7 News

"The government certainly has questions to answer," she said.

"Is this a fault with the train? Is this a maintenance issue? How on earth did this happen?"

Newsbreak – March 21

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