A Spanish tourist has been bitten on the bottom by a shark off the New South Wales south coast.

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spanish tourist bitten by shark off nsw south coast


VIDEO A Spanish tourist has had the fright of his life after he was bitten on the bottom by a shark off the NSW south coast. spanish tourist bitten by shark off nsw south coast

Backpacker Gonzalo Fernandez was body-boarding at The Farm, near Wollongong, at dusk on Sunday when he was attacked.

“I was really scared and we started touching the back side of my bum to make sure it was all there,” Mr Fernandez said, through a translator.

“I started whacking (the shark) and hitting it hard until it let me go.”

Spanish tourist Gonzalo Fernandez. Picture: 7 News
Mr Fernandez's puncture wounds from the shark bite. Picture: 7 News

The 30-year-old’s friends are calling him ‘Spanish Mick Fanning’ because he managed to break free by punching the shark in the head, just like the Aussie surfer when he was attacked off the South African coast.

Mr Fernandez said he was about to catch a wave at the Killalea State Park when the shark came up behind him and sunk its teeth into his backside.

“I didn’t sleep at all last night, thinking about it,” he said.

Mr Fernandez had been body boarding moments before he was attacked. Picture: 7 News

“I can see the shark’s face here, behind me.”

Mr Fernandez’s mates, who were also on their boards in the water, watched on as their friend fought off the shark.

Witnesses described the shark as possibly a two-to-three metre bull shark.

The puncture marks in the 30-year-old's wetsuit. Picture: 7 News

Park manager Nathan Cattell rushed down to the scene shortly after 7pm and said he was in “disbelief” when he saw where Mr Fernandez was bitten.

"On the inside of the right thigh too, which is a really odd spot,” he told AAP.

"He said he hit it a couple of times, then it got off.

Mr Fernandez punched the shark to fight it off. Picture: 7 News

"(Mr Fernandez) honestly was scared for his life. He came up and gave me a bear hug.”

Mr Fernandez was lucky to escape with only a few puncture wounds, and didn’t require medical treatment.

Given the recent wild weather that had washed a lot of dead eels and wildlife into the ocean from the nearby lagoon, Mr Cattell wasn't surprised a shark may have been lurking.

Mr Fernandez says the attack won't stop him returning to the water. Picture: 7 News

"The water is dirty, it was evening, there's a fair bit of food about. It's a no-brainer really," Mr Cattell said.

It is not the first time a surfer has been attacked at that spot, with Brett Connellan, 23, losing a large chunk of his thigh when he was bitten by a shark at Bombo, about 10km south of The Farm, last March.

The Department of Fisheries is due to report back on the species of shark involved in Sunday's attack.

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