'It ruins people's lives': Sydney rampage attacker blames ice for vicious crime spree

From Punchbowl to Burwood, Ricky Hema’s ice incited rampage, by his own admission, hurt himself as well as his five victims.

For the first time, the 36-year-old has told a Sydney court he regrets the violent episode, warning others the drug will destroy their lives.

The attacks were vicious, unprovoked and relentless. And judging by the CCTV footage he seemed to be enjoying them.

The footage shows Hema seemingly looking like he is proud of his achievements, but today he told the District Court that it wasn't him acting that day but the drug ice.

Ricky Hema's rampage left several victim emotionally and physically damaged. Photo: Supplied

“I hate it,” he said.

“I don’t want anything to do with it. It ruins people’s lives.

“I’m sorry to all the victims here.”

There were five victims of Hema’s two-hour rampage on January 24 last year.

Musician Oliver Goss’ head ended up underneath Hema’s boot during a vicious attack outside a Campsie unit block.

Mr Goss said he was “angry and disturbed” by the incident.

“I’m more cautious around people now... You can’t judge how people are going to behave.

“There is a drug problem here in Sydney and the only way that we can fight is better education.”

Earlier that day, Hema attacked 75-year-old Youssef El Bastani and another man at the Mirage pub at Punchbowl.

Some of the security vision of Hema's attacks is so vicious it cannot be shown in full. Photo: Supplied

Next, he launched into Michael Highfield and Phillip Smith at the Royal Sheaf at Burwood.

Mr Smith was left lying unconscious with five broken ribs.

The security camera video of each attack was played to the court. It was jarring and difficult to watch, so much so that not everyone did.

Hema himself could not bare it, staring at the floor until it was over.

Security footage suggest Ricky Hema was enjoying himself as he attacked five people across Sydney. Photo: Supplied

“He’s a really, really good person,” claimed the mother of Hema’s two-year-old child.

“It’s the drug that destroys him.”

What certainly did not help on Friday was a previous robbery conviction and the fact he was already on bail at the time of another attack.

Judge Helen Syme will sentence Hema next month.

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