Eight-year-old saves mother's life with 000 call

An eight-year-old boy has been hailed a hero for calling 000 and saving his mother’s life.

Bailey Wrigley and his mother Andrea Marriette were at their Sydney home together on May 20 when she took a nap but didn't wake up.

When little Bailey tried unsuccessfully to rouse her he became worried and called 000.

“My mummy is falling sick. I'm trying to wake her up, she keeps opening her eyes but she doesn't wake up,” he told the operator.

NSW Ambulance Control Centre Officer Maria Santos was on the other end of the line.

"I asked Bailey to try and wake her but she was not responding," Ms Santos told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I knew the situation was serious and asked Bailey to count every time she took a breath so that we could make sure she was breathing."

Bailey called 000 when his Mum didn't wake up from a nap. Source: Supplied

For the next 20-minutes, Bailey maintained incredible composure as he told Ms Santos his address and about how his mother had been sick with a sinus infection.

An ambulance was rushed to their home, where attending paramedics Natalie Booth and Sabina Fazlic found Ms Marriette unconscious and critically ill.

Again, Bailey was able to stay calm and help the officers.

“Bailey was so calm and was able to answer all of our questions,” Ms Booth told the Daily Telegraph.

“He got dad on Facetime for us, got mum’s handbag and got dressed. He was extremely helpful.”

Maria Santos took Bailey's 000 call. Source: Supplied

Ms Marriette was rushed to hospital and placed in an intensive care unit for four days.

The sinus infection had travelled to her brain, causing her to lose consciousness.

When she woke, she had no memory of what had happened.

"I remember feeling awful and wanting to lie down. I don't recall the paramedics in my home or travelling to hospital,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I am just so proud of my son, words can't describe how lucky I am. He is the best boy a mum could ask for."

On Thursday, Ms Booth and Ms Fazlic presented Bailey with a special bravery award in front of his year three classmates.

Ms Marriette has made a full recovery.

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