Migaloo back to thrill again

Australia's great white whale is back: the albino humpback called Migaloo has been sighted off Sydney.

Migaloo back to thrill again

Migaloo back to thrill again

He has been a regular visitor to our waters for more than 20 years. And this time, Migaloo has brought some mates.

Migaloo, Aboriginal for ‘white fella’, is 50 tonnes of majesty; the size of a bus charging along at ten kilometres an hour on his journey north.

For whale-watchers the encounter was spellbinding, and for some almost a religious experience.

Whale-watcher Adam Cardwell said: "The captain was saying there's a very slim chance of seeing it, one in 20000 I think he said and to see it was amazing."

The giant Albino is the only documented all white humpback in the world and today he was in company with three other whales following.

It is the fourth time in 18 years Migaloo has been seen off New South Wales and he gets the full celebrity treatment, protected by special legislation to keep fans from harassing him.

His magnificence is matched by mystery as no-one's exactly sure of Migaloo's age but he was first sighted in 1991.

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