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We’ve heard of taking the plunge but this is ridiculous …

You would have thought wedding parties would have learned their lesson by now but this American couple – as well as the bridesmaids, ushers and guests - got a soaking when the pier in Crosslake Minnesota collapsed under them during a snap.

Remarkably, the party dried out in time for the wedding to start only ten minutes late.

Melbourne Zoo’s baby elephant has made a splash, learning how to swim in his new enclosure.

Six-month-old 'Man Jai' was joined by the rest of the herd as he made his first foray into the water and it it didn't take him long at to hit the water as he plunged. trunk first, into the deep.

Two viral vids for the price of one in Tuesday’s Social Report with Melissa Doyle.

As if a sunbaker’s amazing escape from a very, very, very low-flying aircraft was not enough …

There was also the story that made headlines around the world regarding the bride who ‘sewed’ her baby into her dress.

Bezaye Tesfaye was driving through the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, when she saw a memorable sight. Luckily, she had to foresight to pull out her camera and record this bizarre footage of a goat riding on the back of a man who was cycling.

The highly unusual encounter elicited a joyous reaction from Tesfaye and her cousin, who was driving the car. The video was later uploaded online by Tesfaye’s friend Nuno Sá.

Credit: YouTube/Nuno Sá and Bezaye Tesfaye, Eyob Tegegn via Storyful

Lee Thompson was recently in Rio de Janeiro to research the preparations for this summer’s World Cup.

While there, he says he managed to convince the Brazilian tourist board to let him go atop the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue and take some photographs.

The resulting photo selfie quickly went viral and now this video selfie is going viral too.

Credit: YouTube/Lee Thompson via Storyful

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