Police raid Occupy Sydney site
Police raid Occupy Sydney site

Police and city council workers move in to dismantle the Occupy Sydney camp. Photo: 7News

FIRST ON 7: Police have dismantled the Occupy Sydney settlement in Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD.

Officers and council workers moved in just before 7 o’clock on Wednesday night.

Four trucks were on scene to remove objects from the site, including a large satellite dish.

FIRST ON 7: Council workers remove a large satelitte dish from the Occupy Sydney camp in Martin Place. Photo: 7News

The space has been occupied for almost 21 months.

Demonstrators set up the camp in October 2011 as part of a global movement that aims to challenge corporate greed.

A crowd gathered in Martin Place after the Occupy Sydney site was cleared at about 8 o'clock on Wednesday night. Photo: 7News

The protesters were relatively peaceful, with some continuing to wave flags as the camp was removed.

One occupy protester promised to be back within an hour.

GALLERY: The Occupy Sydney movement in pictures. Photo: AAP

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