The unlikely star of Sydney Tropfest
The morning after the night before, the hero of Tropfest, Raymond Borzelli, was back on the streets, doing what he does best.

A frantic search for Sydney's newest movie star, missing from last night's Tropfest film awards has paid off.

The morning after the night before Tropfest hero, Raymond Borzelli, was back on the streets doing what he does best, dancing.

Offering a soft shoe shuffle for Sydney's passers-by, the 85-year-old says dancing keeps him fit, and "takes the weight off too".

Last night, everybody loved Raymond in 'Better Than Sinatra' at Tropfest, where he was the popular favourite amongst a crowd of 92,000 people.

"I like getting the accolades I should've got years ago," Raymond said.

He has spent more than eight decades years becoming an overnight sensation, and his documentary maker was happy to have helped.

"I don't know if I've felt better in anything I've done," filmmaker Jefferson Grainger said.

Raymond missed the ceremony last night because he was too tired to go and instead stayed home alone.

"I'm a bit of a Romeo, but I don't get too entangled," Raymond said.

He's simply happy being Sydney's original song and dance man.

His story is so moving he's been promised $3000 from Tropfest special guest, Sam Worthington, despite admitting he's never heard of the Hollywood star.

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